med-rep application

webflex is an android app for field operations. Its med-rep module is designed to help medical representatives make deals with doctors to sell certain items, and monitor given prescriptions. Through the application, med-reps can find a list of doctors with contact information, address, and register meetings with them and add a list of items they agree to prescribe, and later monitor prescriptions in pharmacies.

meetings with doctors

Med-reps can access a list of doctors with contact information and address
and start a meeting with them in the app. In the meeting module, they can add a
list of items doctors agree to prescribe to their patients and additional comments.

monitor prescriptions in pharmacies

Med-reps can access a list of pharmacies, and register a meeting in their
location, where they can photograph prescriptions from doctors, add the name
of the doctor, to monitor given prescriptions accoding to deals with doctors.

list of pharmaceutical items

Med-reps can access a list of items that are to be prescribed by doctors,
and sold in pharmacies, with item code, barcode, category, price, stock, etc.
Items can be scanned by barcode to add in a meeting, or selected from a list.


Access a list of doctors with contact and address, and register meetings and deals with them.

list of items

Access a list of pharmaceutical items with code, barcode, price, stock, and scan to add them.


Access a list of pharmacies and check prescriptions given by doctors in these pharmacies.


Make deals with doctors on what items they will prescribe and check prescriptions in pharmacies.