crm, marketing & reporting

logimark is a software solution for managing and rewarding customers, creating promotional discounts and campaigns and generating sales reports. It’s integrated to accounting systems and ERP through the cloud and certified for fiscalization. It is integrated with logical’s software for retail, bars and restaurants and field operations. By having logimark, marketing will be easier than ever. 

crm & loyalty cards

With the CRM module, you can create loyalty cards with different rewarding levels, register customers in a database, reward them with a points-based system, and generate reports on customer purchasing behavior and trends.

templates for discounts & deals

Ready-to-use templates to create different types of promotional schemes and apply them to pos software. You can create vouchers, coupons, items, category or invoice discounts, bundle packs, happy hour, and discounts for events or repeated customers. With just one click, you can have more loyal customers.

detailed sales reports

With logimark, you can create very detailed and specific sales reports and charts for your business. Generate reports on daily and hourly sales, by operator or customer, per customer, invoice, category, product, table, basket or point of sale. By adding data continuously, the database will help you to take better decisions. 

bundle pack

Combine items from different categories into bundle packs with discounted prices to drive up sales.

loyalty cards

Reward customers through a points-based system through the use of loyalty cards.

coupons & vouchers

Prompt up sales by offering coupons and vouchers, discounts on invoices and reward points.

happy hour

Apply discounted prices for a specific time of day or day of the week, to increase customer frequency.


Create catalogs with items sold at discounted prices for a period of time to bring more customers in.

special events

Use customer data registered in the database through loyalty cards to reward them on birthdays.

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