warehouse management app

flexcore is an android app for managing warehouse operations with a hand-held device. It is integrated to accounting systems and certified for fiscalization. Master data such as items, prices, stock are retrieved from accounting systems and the app sends documents to them in real-time. With flexcore you can manage orders, sales, purchasing, transfers, inventory, receiving, expiration dates, printing labels, etc. 

manage items with barcodes

Retrieve items with barcodes, prices and stock from accounting systems in real-time. Scan barcodes or search them by name or code to add them in documents. Register expiration dates, make the inventory and print scannable labels for items.

operations with customers

With flexcore you can create orders or invoices for your customers. Choose the customer from a list in the application, select items, add quantities, create orders and invoices and print them with a portable bluetooth-connected printer. Evrzthing is easy and automated. 

buying from vendors and transfers

With flexcore you can supply the central warehouse by ordering from vendors and creating the purchasing invoices. You can also receive items by scanning items and boxes. Transfer items from the central warehouse to stores and vans.

orders & sales

flexcore has a presale and sale feature, where you can create orders or invoices for your customers.

buy from suppliers

Buy items from suppliers, create purchasing invoices and receive items by scanning them.

transfer items

Create transfer documents to transfer items from one warehouse to another.

create inventory

Scan items to add them to an inventory and add quantities Add items to areas and miniareas.

register expirations

Scan items to add their expiration date. Add the date from a calendar and add the quantity.

print labels

Print labels for items and shelves. Scan an item, choose the quantity to print and label type and print.

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