retail pos software solution

logipos is a post software solution for retail stores and chains. It is integrated with the new fiscalization system and accounting and ERP systems through the cloud. It can be connected to all modern devices for managing a retail store. With logipos, you can manage sales, services, customers, marketing and reporting.

manage your retail store or chain

With logipos, retail stores can manage sales and services. List, scan, weigh products for sale, create fiscalized invoices, apply payment methods, reward customers through loyalty cards and discounts, create subscriptions, pay utilities and fines.

fiscalize invoices automatically

logipos has been certified for the fiscalization of invoices. Through the fiscalization module, logipos communicates with the tax administration where it sends invoices and receives fiscalized invoices containing the unique invoice identifying number.

integrated with accounting systems

logipos is the best solution for retail chains because of its cloud connectivity. It is integrated to accounting systems from which it receives master data such as items, barcodes, prices and stock and where it sends created documents in real time.

payment methods

Payment methods with cash, debit & credit cards, smartphone app and differenty currencies.

loyalty cards

Reward customers through a points-based system. Learn customer behavior by generating reports.

coupons & vouchers

Prompt up sales by offering discounts with coupons, vouchers, invoice discount, reward points.

invoice in process

If a customer goes back to get an item, continue with another invoice, without closing the first.


Calculate how much money there’s in the cash drawer by counting different coints and adding up.

daily turnover

Generate daily turnover and other sales reports by item, category, client, staff, payments, time, date.

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