our distribution software solutions


distribution software for Android devices, field operations, sales and pre-sales


webFLEX is a distribution software for field sales. If you are in the business of distribution, you need our software to automate your field sales and monitor your agents. webFLEX can be used on every Android smartphone or tablet, and can be integrated with all ERP and accounting systems.


an essential control panel for field sales operations


flexBOARD is a software solution for managing and controlling field sales. flexBOARD is a control panel that allows managers to both import and export data from and to webFLEX. The software operates as a reporting as well as a guiding tool for field sales in distribution.


sales reporting app for smartphones and tablets Android and iOS

mCORE is a sales reporting app for retail stores, bars and restaurants and distribution businesses. The software helps executives follow their businesses’ sales performance at any time and place. Through mCORE, the executive staff can learn how their stores and agents are performing in real time.