office logistic operations

flexams is an android application for listing and maintaining a logistic inventory of your company’s assets with a handheld device. Scan and list furniture, equipment, devices. With flexams you can scan barcodes of your assets, add and list assets based on their location in your offices, create an inventory and transfer assets.

list assets with specified location

You can create a list of all assets of your company such as furniture, equipment, devices, computers, etc., by scaning their barcodes, and specifying group, floor, hall, supervisor. With flexams you can locate all your assets at all times.

create an inventory for your assets

Create an inventory for all your assets with a handheld device. Specify coordinates such as building, hall, floor and supervisor for assets and scan them to add them to the inventory. Add assets with description and group.

transfer assets in between locations

Transfer company assets from one location to another in your company. Scan assets, specify where assets will be retrieved from and where they will be sent to with building, hall, floor for both locations.

scan barcodes

flexams is an android app that works with a handheld device to scan, add, list, transfer assets.

list assets

Create a list of your assets with their description, document number, barcode, location, vendor, etc.


Scan assets to add them to add them to an invetory and specify their location.


Create transfer orders for assets from one location in your offices, to another.