application for payments

flexpay is a financial application for processing payments of invoices. It works by generating a QR code for an invoice, that customers can scan with their payment or bank applications. With flexpay businesses can avoid cash payments and can give customers a chance to pay through their smartphones.

pay invoices by QR code

With flexpay you can create a QR code by entering the number of the invoice and the value to be paid. The customer can use their banking application to scan the QR code and process the payment of the invoice.

secure & easy payments

flexpay has double verification log-in secure method with password and OTP code sent to your email address. The payments are secure, and practical as customers just need to scan a code generated easily to correspond to a particular invoice.

payment archives & reports

flexpay keeps an archive of all processed payments, and you can access the archive as well as generate reports for payments by date or by hour. With the daily and hourly activity reports you can see totals of payments by day and hour and trends.

bank connectivity

flexpay is connected to your bank account to facilitate secure mobile payments for invoices.

two-step verification

flexpay provides a secure log-in with a two-step verification by password and OTP code by email.

payment by QR code

Clients can scan a QR code generated by flexpay through their m-banking app to pay an invoice.

payment history

You can access transactions made previously stored on an archive on the History menu.

daily activities

You can generate reports and charts for daily activities for the past 7, 14, 21, 30 days or all.

hourly activities

You can generate hourly activity reports and charts for the current day or any day on the calendar.