applications for stores, shops, & retail chains


POS solution for stores and retail chains


logiPOS is a POS software solution for small and big stores and shops, retail and supermarket chains. The software is connected through the cloud which makes it perfect for retail chains of all sizes. It can be integrated with all accounting systems such as F5 (Financa 5), Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Alpha (Web, Business).


mobile computer solution for your store


flexSTORE is a software solution operating through a mobile computer and a desktop version. Through flexSTORE we help you automate and optimize all store logistic operations such as orders from the warehouse or distributors, transfers, printing labels, inventory, expiry dates, invoices, receiving goods, etc. It operates connected to logiPOS.


logistic solution for retail chains


flexCORE is a software solution operating through a mobile computer. It’s also integrated with a desktop version. Through flexCORE you can manage your warehouse operations for your retail chain, including orders, invoices, purchases, sales, transfers, orders, receiving, inventory, expiries, printing labels, customers, distributors, etc.


software solution for sales & marketing schemes


logiMARK is a marketing & CRM software solution for retail stores and chains for creating sales & marketing schemes. You can design or use available sales schemes such as vouchers, coupons, loyalty reward point system, discounts on the invoice or products, etc. The deals can be designed for all or specific stores and implemented through the cloud.


reporting software solution

logiCORE it’s a reporting tool for retail stores and chains. Through logiCORE you can generate analytical and detailed sales reports, KPIs, useful graphs, etc. Through logiCORE you can learn so much more about the performance of your business than through simple invoices. Find your best and worst selling products. Check staff performance.


raporte në android & iOS

mCORE is a smartphone application operation through iOS and android. It is a useful reporting tool connected in real time with your business. Business executives can learn at whatever time or place how their business is performing. Check out sales numbers, KPIs, and useful graphs through this easy to use application.