software solution for bars

ebar is a point of sale software solution for filling out invoices, listing items with stock, registering and managing customers and suppliers and generating sales reports. ebar is adequate for all types of hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, bakeries, clubs, pubs.

fill out & print out invoices

To fill out an invoice, add items from a categorized menu, add specifics and extras and identify the customer if registered. Add discounts if available. Print out the invoice which is automatically added in the system. Stock is automatically updated.

use a table layout for invoices

Use a color-coded table layout to fill out invoices. You can add many invoices in one table, identify the total value and waiter name through the table layout, and identify as well, which tables are available and which are in use by color.

register items with costs, price & stock

Register items with codes, barcodes, name, category, measurement unit, price and supplier. Create menus with categories to be accessed in the monitor when filling out invoices. Add extras, composition, and costs. Generate sales reports per item.

fill out invoices

Fill out receipts with specifics, voices for the production department. Make returns.

artikuj & menu

Register items by code, price, stock, category, etc., and access all data related to their purchase and sale.

register customers

Identify customers through loyalty cards and offer special offers and discounts to categories of clients.

regjister suppliers

Register suppliers and stock they provide. Access statistical data and payments.

monitor staff

Waiters log in with their user and password. Supervisors can review their presence & performance.

table layout

The software is structured with a table layout. You first choose a table and fill out receipts for it.