POS software for retail stores & chains

logiPOS is a point of sale software for retail chains. It works with all modern devices used in a supermarket or retail store. It’s also connected through cloud, receiving master data such as items, prices, customers, barcodes, etc, from accounting and ERP systems, and sending them sales reports and other documents.

hardware integration

logiPOS can be installed on any touchscreen device, including desktop POS computers and tablets. logiPOS works with all the modern retail devices including barcode scanners, customer displays, cash drawers, network scales, label printers and digital video recorders.

cloud & accounting systems

logiPOS is connected through cloud and ERP systems. It receives master data (items, prices, categories) from the central system. It sends sales data, invoices, etc. to the central systems.

crm, marketing & reporting

logiPOS has CRM and marketing tools designed to increase customer frequency and loyalty. With logiPOS you can manage customers, returns, and warranty periods. Moreover, you can reward your customers with a points rewarding systems through loyalty cards, gift vouchers, coupons and discounts.


Configure different users with different access and permissions in the software.


Reward customers with a points rewarding system through loyalty cards.


Prompt up sales by offering coupons, vouchers, and discounts of receipts or items.


Don’t hold up the line. You can create more than one receipt at the same time


Calculate your total in your cash drawer by putting in the count for each coin.


Clients can pay by cash, credit card, an app with QR code, and choose a different currency.


Agents and supervisors can generate daily turnover reports and print out the report.


Monitor and compare sales performance by item, category, agentt, client, time and date.

why choose logiPOS

logiPOS is the best solution for retail stores and chains in the region. It’s integrated with all modern hardware devices and connected through cloud. It also works with other logical retail solutions such as flexSTORE and flexCORE, logistics solutions for the store and the whole company, logiMARK, a software solution for crm, marketing and reporting, and mCORE for mobile reporting. We offer the most comprehensive retail POS solution in the market and we are the first choice for some of the biggest supermarket and retail chains in the country and region.

who are our clients?

Our clients include retail stores, shops, supermarkets, supermarket or retail chains. logiPOS is the best tool for either chains, or small stores, including grocery, stationery, electronics, jewelry stores, etc.

POS software for retail stores & chains

logiPOS is a POS software solution for supermarkets, retail stores and retail chains.