logistic solution for retail chains

flexCORE is a software solution operating through a mobile computer. It’s also integrated with a desktop version. Through flexCORE you can manage your warehouse operations for your retail chain, including orders, invoices, purchases, sales, transfers, orders, receiving, inventory, expiration dates, printing labels, customers, distributors, etc.

hand-held device store management

Through the use of a hand-held device, flexCORE helps staff scan barcodes, access synchronized product data and print out labels. Product description, prices, type of label, etc., can all be accessed immediately just through a barcode scan.

automate & optimize warehouse operations

flexCORE offers flexibility to businesses to automate all warehouse processes such as purchases, orders, transfers, receiving, inventory, etc. Through flexCORE, making orders, transfers of products, buying and selling and keeping track of inventory becomes easy.

cloud & accounting systems

flexCORE works as a client-server infrastructure, which integrates with international and local ERP and accounting systems. It integrates with the above systems and exchanges data in real time, or works offline and integrates documents at a later time.


Scan barcodes of items to add them in orders, invoices, purchases, transfers, etc. 


Add the quantity of items ordered, sold or purchased. For orders, transfers, invoices, check item stock.


You can also add items through the search feature. Look for items by their name, keyword, and add them.


Create a transfer order to transfer items from one warehouse to the other, within the company.


Receive goods by scanning the items and checking the quantity ordered in the app.


Make a warehouse inventory easily. Scan items and add their quantity for areas and mini-areas.


Scan items, enter the expiration
date and quantity for the whole
batch. Push out expired items first.


Print out labels for items and
shelves. Choose the quantity and
the size of the label.

why choose flexCORE

flexCORE is a modern software, which allows retail owners to automate inventory, orders, sales, and purchases in the store. The application operates with a handheld device. You can make orders and purchases to refill stock or transfer to stores. Staff or managers can later check data and track articles and inventory on desktop through flexCORE’s desktop version. We offer the most comprehensive retail POS and logistics solution in the market and we are the first choice for some of the biggest supermarket and retail chains in the country and region.

who are our clients?

Our clients include retail stores, shops, supermarkets, supermarket or retail chains. logiPOS is the best tool for either chains, or small stores, including grocery, stationery, electronics, jewelry stores, etc.

logistic solution for retail chains

flexCORE an android mobile application that helps you automate logistics operations in your company warehouse.