warehouse management software

flexLOGISTIC is a warehouse management system integrated with NAV systems, and operating on desktop and mobile. With flexLOGISTIC you can operate your warehouse with FIFO, FEFO or LIFO systems, track with lots and expiration dates. With the desktop version, access entries and exits and create work orders; check cells, inventory, etc.

manage entries/exits

Access entry and exit documents for warehouse goods and create work orders for your staff to pick up or organize those goods. Assign work orders to staff and follow up on them by checking if they’ve been processed or not. Check archive of entries, exits.

manage inventory

Check scanned items and inventories being processed. Make changes or corrections to quantities, or move items due to changes in expiration dates or transfers. Check archive of inventories with lists of scanned items per cells and areas.

monitor & organize

Monitor your warehouse. Check cells and areas, lists of items per area, items to enter or exit the warehouse, free and occupied cells, lots, expiry dates, etc. Print out labels for cells and pallets. Check statistics for list of documents and cells.


Check the state of cells and
shelves, items in entrance and
exit, and statistics about them.


You can track items in the
warehouse and through NAV
with lots and expiration dates.


Goods are organized in cells or
coordiantes based on labelled and
scannable expiry dates.


Expiration dates are registered
and for FEFO staff is led to pick
up items closer to expiration first.


Manage stock movement in you warehouse by use of different algorithms (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO).


The list to pick up items is given
in a smart way to shorten the
number of trips for the staff.


Add inventory task to be done by staff, check scans of items and shelves and make changes.


Check entry and exit documents,
create work orders, access the
archive of these documents.

flexLOGISTIC - warehouse management software

flexLOGISTIC is a software solution for warehouse management for large retail and wholesale businesses with large warehouses.