software application for field operations

FlexBOARD is distribution software for planning and monitoring field operations. It automates and optimizes daily transactions of the sales team in their daily field operations. With flexBOARD you can check out reports, as well as create or apply ready-made recipes for deals, promotions, and discounts.

plan field operations

With flexBOARD you can plan and schedule all field operations. You can schedule visits to clients and assign them to agents. You can set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales targets for clients and agents, for products and categories.

monitor sales & agents

With flexBOARD, you can monitor field operations such as how whether set itineraries and sales targets were accomplished. You can generate detailed reports, graphs, and maps to have a very clear view of all facets of your business performance.

create offers & recipes

With flexBOARD you can create sales schemes, discounts and promotions and assign them to agents, and for certain clients or groups of clients, for days of the week or a period of time. Create discounts for the whole receipt, or on prices, items, quantities.


As soon as you log in the dashboard you can see data and graphs for daily/monthly operations.


Find everything related to each agent, including their overall performance and activities.


Find everything related to each client, including, information, orders, visits, receipts, exhibitors.


Find all activities related to your warehouses such as transfers, transfers out, and sales orders.


Use pre-cooked recipes or templates for offers, discounts, promotions for your clients.


Set sales targets to be achieved for clients, agents, items, categories, and for periods of time.


Create schedules to visit your clients, and assign them to agents based on time and frequency.


Generate any kind of detailed and comparative sales report items, categories, agents and clients.

flexBOARD - software application for field operations

flexBOARD is a software application for field operations in wholesale, distribution and presales, for the food, non-food and pharmaceutical industries.