an essential control panel for field sales operations

why you need flexBOARD

flexBOARD is a software solution for managing and controlling field sales. flexBOARD is a control panel that allows managers to both import and export data from and to webFLEX. The software operates as a reporting as well as a guiding tool for field sales in distribution.

manage and guide field sales

Managers can set prices, items, articles, discounts, client information, addresses, etc., and send this data to webFLEX. With flexBOARD managers can create a guide for sales agents on how, where, when and to whom to sell.

monitor field sales and agents

flexBOARD monitors field operations by agents. It’s a great reporting tool to discover how agents have sold, where and when. The software generates reports and charts, but also gathers data on where agents were when all sales, orders, meetings, and so on, were processed, through GPS integration in webFLEX.

automate and optimize distribution

webFLEX and flexBOARD are a niche solution in the market, allowing distribution businesses to formalize field sales. Agents can register orders, invoices, merchandise, client information, etc., in the field and managers can manage and monitor all sales processes.

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Managers can monitor field operations including visits, meetings, locations, orders and sales.



Managers can configure users, give access to agents, or change permissions and preferences.

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Managers can configure sales, discounts and promotions to be offered by invoice or product.

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Configure client information and access all sales, invoices, orders, and payments by client.

why choose flexBOARD

webFLEX and flexBOARD offer a niche solution in the market to automate, optimize, formalize and monitor field sales, ex-van sales, and distribution. Managers can create visiting itinerary for agents, monitor sales, orders, invoices, cashing and payments by agents, clients, and even location. Agents can follow up a clear and easy to follow itinerary for their field operations and report everything to the managers through the control pane. All documents are saved and are easy to find. Roles are permissions are easy to define. In addition to integration with accounting systems, all data is also integrated with mCORE, our mobile reporting tool, so that managers can read sales reports on their iOS or android devices on the go, at all times.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are businesses who operate in distribution. We offer a niche solution in the market for field sales operations.

flexBOARD – distribution software

flexBOARD is software for pre-sales, ex-van sales, field sales, and distribution