android app for bars and restaurants

webBAR is the mobile version of logiBAR. It’s an android app that bar and restaurant workers can use to take orders and print out receipts through a smartphone. Through webBAR, business managers, can improve customer service substantially, cutting down long lines during busy hours and in busy bars, restaurants and coffee shops.
take orders on mobile

webBAR is a point of sale software solution for bars, restaurants and coffee shops of all sizes. Your staff can download the app in their android smartphone, connect with a user and password and start taking orders. The app is connected to accounting and ERP systems through cloud connectivity, enabling it to receive master data and send out documents.

bar, restaurant and table layout

The waiters can access either bar or restaurant area through the app, to take orders from both. They can enter the table number, and if necessary they can transfer receipts to another table.

close shift & turnover reports

Through the app, waiters can end their shift, as well as access a turnover report for all their daily receipts.


webBAR is set up with a unique user and password for each waiter and can be deactivated at a distance. 


webBAR is an android app that can be downloaded in every android operated smartphone.


Waiters can enter the number of the table and add as many receipts as necessary in one table.


If customers decide to move their table, waiters can transfer the receipts in the new table.


The app can access the bar and the restaurant area separately to select items of both areas.


Waiters can find items organized in categories and also search them with a smart search option.


You can enter in the receipt details regarding specialized orders customers may have.


Waiters can end their shift through the app and access a turnover report with all their sales during the day.

why choose webBAR

webBAR is an android app that works in every android smartphone. With webBAR you can take orders through a smartphone and print out invoices directly at the table. The software works with logiBAR to manage bars, restaurants, or coffee shops. It is connected to ERP systems through cloud connectivity. The app can be accessed through a user and password, and it can be deactivated for security reasons during staff changes or if the mobile phone is lost. 

who are our clients?

logiBAR and webBAR can be used by bars, restaurants, coffee shops and any hospitality chain, and they’re the first choice for some of the most popular chain bars and restaurants in Albania.

webBAR - android app for bars and restaurants

webBAR is an android app that helps bar and restaurant workers take orders through a mobile phone, and cut down waiting lines during busy hours.