android app for bars & restaurants

Take orders in bars and restaurants with the use of a smartphone and webBAR. webBAR is an android app connected to accounting central systems through cloud connectivity. Speed up orders and improve the quality of service in your bar or restaurant with our innovative solution.

modern & qualitative service

webBAR is a software for every bar or restaurant business, big or small. It optimizes the process of taking orders, so that many waiters can register orders in the system at the same time, without the need to take notes or memorize.

sales reports on mobile

Waiters and managers can check sales and daily turnover directly on a smartphone. Waiters can check the turnover they have generated and managers can keep an eye on sales performance.

manage peak hours

webBAR is optimal for managing large bars or restaurants, especially during peak hours. Increase customer satisfaction by speeding up and improving the quality of the service.



Processes orders quickly & efficiently on a smartphone through the use of a cloud-enabled android app.

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Waiters can find, choose, and select items from a very easy to use menu, providing a speedy service.



Breeze through peak hours and cut down lines with the most efficient order processing solution.



Waiters can take orders on their smartphones and immediately send invoices to the print queue.

why choose webBAR

webBAR is a POS software for managing your bar or restaurant from your smartphone. You can take orders and register them on your android smartphone and print out invoices, speeding up and improving the quality of your service. As a supervisor or manager you can check out sales, turnover and quick reports. Moreover we offer complementary software such as logiCORE for analytical reports and mCORE for quick mobile sales reports.



Who are our clients?

webBAR and logiBAR can be used by bars, restaurants, coffee shops and any hospitality chain. They are both the primary choice for many popular bars and coffee shops in Albania.

webBAR – bar & restaurant Android App

webBAR is a bar & restaurant POS software for smartphones.