bar & restaurant POS solution

logiBAR is a POS software solution for bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, pizzerias, self-service, fast food, etc. It’s configured with a table layout or with bundle packs and it’s adapted for payments by cash, credit card, currency, points. It’s connected through cloud to accounting systems and ERP, which makes it perfect for chains.

integration with modern POS equipment

logiBAR works on every touch screen device, be that a POS computer or tablet. Our software is integrated with cash registers, digital video recorders, connected scales, etc. In addition you can print out WiFi passwords together with the bill.

integrated through cloud

logiBAR can be integrated with every ERP and accounting system. Through cloud integration, it can send and receive data with the central systems in real time. Managers can get detailed reports from every location on desktop or mobile.

CRM, marketing & reporting

Incresase customer loyalty and customer frequency, with our marketing and CRM integrated solutions. You can sync happy hours, loyalty cards and customer points, vouchers, coupons, bundle packs, special deals and discounts in real time.


Configure users as waiting staff or supervisors with different permissions.


Customers can pay with cash, credit card, both and with different currencies.


Set up with a table layout where you select an area and a table and add receipts.


Create discounts and vouchers for items, categories, receipts and specific clients.


Reward customers with a points-based reward system to drive up sales.


Combine items from different categories into bundle packs with discounted prices.


Give discounts for items at a specific hour of the day. You can also choose customers.


Monitor and compare sales performance by item, category, staff, client, time and day.

logiBAR – bar & restaurant POS solution

logiBAR is a POS software solution for managing sales and invoices for bars, restaurants, coffee shops and chains of this type.