hotel booking software

Hotel booking software, which facilitates booking, check-in, and check-out procedures for your hotel. With epoint hotel, you can register clients, check their balance, create invoices automatically and process payments. You can also check out reports for all hotel processes.

Booking, Check-In, Check-Out

You can check which rooms are free, booked or occupied through a color-coded calendar, and click on a date to book a room through a few easy steps. You can register clients and create their booking under their name and balance and turn a booking into presence when you check your customers in the hotel.

Process Invoices & Payments

Check customer’s balance and create an invoice including all services purchased or used by the customer. Create invoices for individuals or corporations. Process payments by cash or bank account and close the customer’s balance. Create financial documents for the invoices and payments.”

Specify Facilities & Services

Categorize and price facilities such as rooms as single, double, suite, meeting or event rooms, bar & restaurant, parking area. Categorize and price services such as cleaning, laundry, parking, minibar, room order.


Check free and occupied rooms in a color-coded calendar and book rooms in a few steps.


Check your customers in when they arrive and check them out when they leave.


Fill out invoices automatically to include all services that have been used by the customer.


Process payments for invoices by cash or bank account and create financial documents.


Register your customers when they book the hotel and/or check in. Access customers statistics.


Classify and price hotel facilities or areas by rooms, meeting areas, restaurant, bar, parking area, etc.


Classify and price hotel services to be used such as cleaning, restaurant, room service, etc.


Generate reports for your hotel including areas and services used, financial data, statistics & reports.

epoint hotel - hotel booking software

epoint hotel is a hotel booking software for booking rooms, check-in, check-out, invoicing and more hotel processes.